As a sci-fi/fantasy fan, an apocalyptic world is one I a familiar with. From anarchy and rebellion to the end of the world itself, it is a concept that drives many dystopian or thriller type novels and shows. The prompt asked me to use a certain hero creator to make a sci-fi protagonist and edit them into an apocalyptic scene. I was all for it! However, I encountered a slight problem, the site is no longer available. I instead used Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy hero creator to create a cartoonish looking character. This program makes you choose a solid color background for your character, so after completing my hero on my laptop, I sent it to my phone and used my photo editing app to crop out the hero as a sticker (you can see this process in the video on this post). Then, I google imaged searched a cartoon apocalyptic scene and managed to find an empty scene. Here was my character on the background and after cropping:

Then, I went to Gimp. I put in the scene, followed by my hero character “sticker”. It took me a second to figure out how to resize my sticker to scale in Gimp. Once that was sized and placed I used to paintbrush tool and attempted to add shading around the feet of the character; the devil’s in the details.

Here is the final product! I really enjoyed this assignment.


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Super cool! I was looking into this assignment but opted not to download what was needed because I didn’t trust the file haha. But I’m glad someone was ballsy enough to do it, and it turned out really well!

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    Yeah, I get that. And thanks! I’m glad you think so.

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