A letter to my pets…

A letter to my pets…

Dear pets,

Thank you all for making my life happier. I don’t know what I would do without either of you. Dash, thank you for the daily kisses and cuddles. Hermie, I know you’re in a tank, but I appreciate you coming out of your burrow to see me when I come home. You’ve both taught me patience and responsibility. Max, you get so happy to see me, and it reminds me I’m loved.

Dash, I love you, so please stop eating things off the table. Napkins aren’t for eating, they hurt your belly. Same with plastic bags, plastic forks, bottle caps, pens, and anything you pull out of the trash can. It’s great you stopped drinking toilet water, I really appreciate that.

Hermie, please stop dumping your water bowls out. They are for drinking, not throwing. Also, I bought you new shells and some coconut treats. They should be coming in soon.

Max, I know you want to lick my face, but you are a big dog and it hurts a little when you jump on me. Please keep all paws on the floor. I will buy you treats.

You’re all fantastic, and I love you to bits!

This is one of the assignments I created for the assignment bank.


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