Jordan Quartet

Jordan Quartet

I chose to do the a capella assignment because I am a vocalist and love music. Growing up my parent’s got me piano lessons. They also paid for me to be in a community choir. Needless to say, music and my connection to it are a huge part of my story. Because of this, soundtracks are typically my favorite things about movies!

I made this using an app called BandLab. My video explaining it is below. If there is an echo, I apologize. The app automatically makes your mic a media sound, so you can hear yourself as you sing. It’s difficult to get used to.


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AJ Storm

I am in awe. I’ve seen people create sounds similar to your video on YouTube, but this had me amazed. I loved the harmony and the added sounds that you created. It wasn’t just a harmony above and below the melody. You also added a couple of “ooooo” sounds that just tied this piece together.

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    Thanks! I’m my biggest critic, so I really appreciate the encouragement.

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