Who was the true hero?

Who was the true hero?

I chose to do the assignment True Lies from the assignment bank. This assignment is meant to glorify the heroism of a character. I chose to do this as a ranking of characters in Lord of the Rings. The graphic below glorifies the character I feel was most heroic, and well… slanders on my least favorite character (spoiler: it’s Smeagol).

I created the graph in trusty excel. I fiddled with the y axis values until I got the desired visual affect. I found a picture of most of the characters in the graph and went into chart settings in excel to make it the graph background. The picture was a bit wide, poor Aragorn was covered by the y axis. I went to graph width in chart setting and widened the graph to scale so the picture would not become lopsided. To create Smeagol’s bar, I saved the graph as an image (right click on the graph in excel) and put it into gimp. There, I painted the red bar and added a text layer with his name. After matching the fonts and sizing it well, this was the final product!

Why Lord of the Rings? I’ve mentioned growing up on Star Wars. Lord of the Rings was another influential part of my childhood. It has led to my love of fantasy.

This project was enjoyable and entertaining! I highly recommend it.


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This is awesome! I love Lord of the Rings too, and Tolkien’s works have been a major factor in my appreciation of literature today.
I personally disagree with your rating of Frodo—I’d put him much higher—but I 100% agree with your rating of Smeagol XD Also, your sentence “poor Aragorn was covered by the y axis” made me laugh!

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    In my opinion, he stayed up there with Aragorn until he listened to Smeagol and kicked Sam out. Glad you liked it! 🙂

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