More thematic thoughts…

More thematic thoughts…

After another week of pondering and reading through classmates’ posts, I think the general consensus is sharing what others find interesting about us, or maybe finding that out through this course. Our uniqueness is displayed by our experiences and personality quirks.

I enjoyed Madeline’s thoughts on the theme, she examined a more specific approach that would encourage us to share our individual quarantine stories. There is no greater outlet than the internet. Sharing how this experience has been for you, and how you have coped thus far, is an interesting and vulnerable thing to do.

I found Lucy’s take on the applicability of the theme and course in the real world to be very insightful. In particular, I found her ending statement striking:

“[T]here is no way that we can ignore the growing influence of technology in the world, so why not use it to our advantage, and make education more interesting to everyone?”

In Lucy’s post, she alluded to different forms of media helping students learn better as lectures, at any level of school, can be painful to sit through. I would like to expand up on that with a personal experience:

From September 2019 through August 2020, I worked for Goodskills Literacy Corps, a group dedicated to helping adults reach their goals. My role? A literacy tutor for adults who had dropped out of high school or college and were now seeking higher education. My participants had difficulty understanding certain math concepts (don’t we all). The traditional ways they had been taught in school (some prior to the 2000’s) left them with nothing but confusion. It was through different forms of media and tricks that they were able to learn the materials necessary for the testing they went through in preparation for higher education.

In short, my classmates had great thoughts and ideas on how this theme could be interpreted. It was eye-opening and definitely got my creativity flowing!


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