Theme: What’s (y)our Story?

Theme: What’s (y)our Story?

We’ve all heard some saying about how everyone is unique or different. Cliches saying only you can forge your path are also popular. Our stories are forged by both unforseeable events as well as the choices we make. I think an interesting take on this theme includes not only showing why we are passionate about our interests (in the Professor’s example, our majors), but also how. A personal example:

I love Star Wars.

Why do I love Star Wars? My parents love Star Wars, and we watched the movies as a family growing up. I think the plot is nice, and the characters are interesting. I find it humorous that it essentially revolves around one family messing up the galaxy.

How much do I love Star Wars? Well, I wanted to watch through the movie series (original trilogy and prequels) at least once a month. Honestly, I’d still do it if I had the time. I can quote almost any part of the original trilogy. My brother and I would often play Star Wars growing up. However, we created our own original characters, cool names and all, to fight alongside the ones we already knew and loved. My character wasn’t human, she was the same race as Ashoka Tano from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series that aired on Cartoon Network.

We often censor how much we share about our passions because we do not want to “over-share”. Personally, this stems from a fear of bothering other people with something that excites me. For me, this theme means stepping out and sharing in a place where creativity is encouraged. Maybe seeing my excitement about something will encourage someone else to try it, or the media I use to share it could bring a smile to their face. What’s the worst that could happen?

As for media to use, I’m a bit at a loss. However, I did find a free animation app that can be downloaded onto a phone or tablet. It’s really easy to use, and I used it for the first time in my introductory YouTube video. It’s called FlipaClip!


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