Project Inspiration

Project Inspiration

I have a few ideas for a final project. I think Conner had a great idea, creating a tutorial of an important hobby/craft is definitely interesting. Rosemary had some great inspiration to! I think I may try to create a crash course style video on my majors, and why I think they’re interesting. However, I also think making a mini-series of videos of delicious recipes would be interesting to! Both would allow ample creativity in the form of posters, promos, intro, and outros. I think the cooking idea would be easier to implement, as crash course videos have animations and popups, which would mean more I had to create and successfully edit in. While not impossible, the road I take would depend on my work load in other classes. As it stands now, I have tests in my other three classes, and 3 final papers due. Both sound equally appealing, and I just can’t choose. Perhaps a twitter poll will be in the near future? Either way, I am very excited to see what everyone comes up with. Out of everything this semester, I have been blown away by the creativity of my classmates.

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