Week 2: The beginnings

Week 2: The beginnings

Now that our introduction chapter is closed, the beginning of our story has begun! This week we were to complete four Daily Creates, three assignment bank prompts, a reflection, and begin to comment on everyone’s work.

My first experiences with the daily creates were quite enjoyable. The Catastic Poetry create was amusing, and looking through other’s takes on the prompt made my day! I really enjoyed the one inspired by Keith Haring; it also gave me another chance to experiment with the FlipaClip app. While class has only been in session for two weeks, the app has been a very versatile tool. The Creative Captioning prompt was humorous, but was tricky for me. Any of my original ideas and thoughts were taken within the first few comments. I ended up running a few ideas past a friend because coming up with clever wordplay isn’t really my cup of tea. My fourth daily create was tricky as well. I struggled a bit with how to capture emptiness in a photograph. However, after scrolling through old photos for about 10 minutes, I found one that sparked my creativity!

The Assignment bank prompts were enjoyable. I chose a few that were fairly simple. First, I created a reaction gif, and mine was inspired by discovering my saved leftovers had been eaten. For that I used an AR application to create an avatar, which I then put into a gif format already loaded into the app. Within the next few weeks I intend on experimenting more with an actual gif creator. Second, I shared my favorite photos and explained why they were my favorite. I uploaded the photos to a collage making program on my phone. The collage making process itself is really easy. Third, I played an entertaining drawing game with a Google AI. Even if you don’t complete the assignment, I highly recommend giving it a whirl!

The biggest challenge I faced this week was commenting. Replying to tweets is something I am accustomed to, as is replying to comments on my own blog posts. However, I typically don’t comment on other people’s posts when I am on social media. That was a bit of a change, and it would be a lie to say I remembered to do consistently comment all week. Even so, you can view my tweets and replies here, and posts I commented on (including my own) will be listed below.

My (continued) reflection on the class prompt “What’s (y)our story?” can be found here.

Daily Creates

  1. Catastic Poetry
  2. Dancing the Day Away
  3. The Dreaded Purple Pen
  4. Empty “moon”

Assignment Bank Prompts

  1. When Someone Eats Your Leftovers
  2. Is That a Camera? Oh No..
  3. How Good at Drawing are You, Really?


  1. Comments on others’ posts:
    1. Gifs are the Way
    2. Week 2: The Sequel
    3. Quarantine Stories: What’s (y)our story?
  2. My posts I replied on:
    1. Is That a Camera? Oh No..
    2. How Good at Drawing are You, Really?
    3. When someone eats your leftovers
    4. The dreaded purple pen

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