Week 11: Videos Part 2

Week 11: Videos Part 2

I decided a theme in my videos this week would be the story of my day! I think we can all agree days in quarantine have been a bit monotonous. My days have almost identical for a year, nothing too special. One thing I discovered in quarantine that helped me a lot was repetitive routine. It made it easier to find the special, different moments in each day! Check out this article to learn more. So, keeping that in mind, I created a video of my nighttime routine before bed, what I eat in a day, and lastly, a vlog of every hour! Out of all the assignment bank videos I completed, the vlog was the most fun! My created assignment was a close second, but the editing was tricky for the speed ups, I had never tried it before. Out of the daily creates, I had the most fun with the telescope photo. Out of the three I did, it was the one that was easiest creativity wise. My least favorite, if you can’t tell by the titles, was Thursday’s daily create. In my project ideas post, I discussed two ideas I have for the final project. I am genuinely having trouble deciding! Again, the majority of this week was spent editing and uploading. While the tasks themselves were simple, they were tedious and took time. Overall, I had a nice week. I enjoy creating videos, but the editing and processing time kills me.


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Madison Turner

I also agree that these days have all felt exactly the same… idek what month it is

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