Weekly Summary 4: The World Through a Lens

Weekly Summary 4: The World Through a Lens

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This week was definitely interesting Between the weather, my job, and other school work, I was stretched a bit thin. Nevertheless, the story continues!

I enjoyed the reading this week and the ideas it gave me on how to better my photography skills. Also, I enjoyed getting to share my own experience with photos with you all! The photoblitz was very fun; although, I did end up going for about 30 minutes, rather than the 20. For daily creates, I made a monochromatic photo of the Appalachian mountains, kaleidoscope art, and captioned a comic. Out of the three, the kaleidoscope art was definitely my favorite. It was so much fun to play around on that program! I could have done it all day. From the assignment bank, I created abnormally large eyes, nature word art, pet collages, and multiple me’s! Out of those, the nature word art was the hardest by far (it was 5 stars), but it was worth the effort. I learned more about GIMP and how to use it! My favorite was the multiple me’s. You could definitely have a lot of fun with that one, and it would be fun to make completely different personas interacting with each other. In terms of comments, I was definitely better at checking the feed everyday this week, but as far as comments go, I made two one blog posts, and replied to two tweets. I also replied to Rosemary’s comment on my nature word art post!


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