Week 13: The Final Project Begins

Week 13: The Final Project Begins

I spent all this week working on my final project. I decided to go with a educational video series akin to Crash Course. Rather than do one 15-20 minute long video, I decided to make a mini-series consisting of 3 videos. This will also allow me to easily cut one out if time is not on my side. The topic? Political Science, one of my majors. It is broken up into 4 subfields. As of now, I have only taken courses in 2 of the 4 subfields, so I don’t have much material. The others will be covered briefly as there is some overlap. Ideally, the mini series will have a introductory video and then 2 videos on two of the subfields. Which ones? Guess you’ll have to watch to find out! 😉

To start, I just watched a lot of Crash Course on YouTube. Like, an ungodly amount. What makes Crash Course so appealing to us? I narrowed down a few categories I think I can successfully implement:

  • Time: Crash Course videos don’t normally take more than 10 minutes. This includes the intro and closing.
  • Animation: The Thought Bubble animations give visual representation.
  • Quirky pop-ups: We don’t just stare at the speaker, other images pop up as necessary to keep the viewer engaged.

There are certainly more attributes that make these appealing, but I think as long as I hit these three the rest should fall into place.

Once I had this figured out, I wrote out the script. Including highlighting and marking which parts would be animation voice overs, and which I would be on camera for. I still have one more to write! Then, I opened up trusty FlipAClip. That’s right, that nifty animation software I mentioned at week one? It’s back. I finished animating my opening, closing, and thought bubble intro. These will be universal for the series. I also drew out the schematics for my animations on paper.

I can’t show too much, because spoilers. But here is a bit of the introductory video’s script:

And here is the progress shot of the intro panel (stay tuned to see the completed version!):

My name inspiration? I looked up synonyms for “crash” and “course”…

Will it be as good as the PBS funded original? No. Will it be made using the skills I learned this semester? You betcha. Overall, I’m super excited for how this will turn out!

This week I need to:

  1. Finish the last script
  2. Record videos and voice overs
  3. Animate the thought bubbles
  4. Piece it all together
  5. Maybe make a theme song? Possibly using BandLab? I don’t know, it sounds fun?

Yes it’s a lot, but if all else fails it’ll be a two part series with the other parts coming later after the course is done (because yes, I do plan on finishing it for anyone who’s interested).


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I hope you go through with making a theme song. It does sound fun.

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