Kentucky Fried Chicken in a Pizza Hut

Kentucky Fried Chicken in a Pizza Hut

Recently a song from kindergarten has been stuck in my head, so I thought the Logo Switch Up assignment would be a wonderful opportunity to share it with you all!

First I found my two logos, thanks to google images that was easy. Then, into the android photo editing app I went, and made stickers out of the KFC logo, the pizza hut hat, and the words of the pizza hut logo. Next, I put them all in the collage making app I’ve used a few times this semester. I used the freestyle option to place them how I wanted. You could do this on a computer, but I find it easier to place things with my fingers. Here’s a video.

Once they were arranged how I wanted, I emailed the collage to myself and put the picture into GIMP. Here, I edited the varying logo border to be more even, and evened out bumpy areas from the earlier cropping of the logos.

Voila! Here’s the result.

Difficulty: 2 stars


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