Vlogging Journey!

Vlogging Journey!

For the third assignment this week, I chose the every hour vlog assignment from the assignment bank. On a typical week day, I take kids to school, have lecture at 11, and pick up the younger child at noon. Today was the perfect day to do this assignment because my Professor is out of town, so we had no lecture. Also, the kids parents were picking them up early! Outside of the morning commitment, I had plenty of time to today to put this together to get the best results!

This one was a big time commitment. As I created the vlog snippets each hour, I uploaded them to google photos so I could download them to my laptop easier. Once downloaded, I put them into Movie Maker in order. I used title slides to label the times each time. I created text overlays for a few to attempt at a bit of humor! I also used Movie Maker’s available music to add background music throughout the video. All in all, this took a lot of time to make the result I wanted. If you watch my video, you’ll find I included snippets of my work throughout the process!

Difficulty: 4 stars


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Madison Turner

You should start a youtube channel! This was super chill

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