Week 12: Better Late Than Never

Week 12: Better Late Than Never

This week we explored mashups and remixes! I enjoyed all the assignments I completed this week, but my favorite was the everyday super hero assignment. I had a lot of fun making my clones! My other mashups were creating a mash up of logos and a juxtaposing movie poster. They’re all linked at the bottom of my summary, check them out!

For remixes I remixed two assignments from Photo week! I remixed my creepy eyes assignment as well as the “be your own best friend” assignment. It was fun to revisit some of the fun projects I created this semester. Out of the two, I enjoyed remixing the latter of the two.

For daily creates, I editing Daniel Craig onto the body of DIO from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. attempted an artistic creation in respect to Miro, and made a cow poem. Of all of these, I am most proud of the Daniel Craig/DIO creation. I sent it to my brother, and he made it his wallpaper.

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